Sunday, July 31, 2011

Israel Cabinet Approves Plan to Promote Electricity Production from Renewable Energy

Israel's Cabinet is seeking to further promote the production of electricity from renewable resources! The goal is to use renewable sources of energy to generate 10% of Israel's electricity needs by 2020.

The decision sets a quantitative goal for electricity generation from renewable sources of 2,760 megawatts by the end of 2020, constituting 10% of electricity production in Israel. An interim goal of 1,550 megawatts by the end of 2014 was also set.

In the first stage, between 2011 - 2014, the quotas that have already been allocated for the production of electricity from renewable, non-polluting sources, as well as additional quotas, will be realized: 460 megawatts for large installations, 110 megawatts for installations designated for independent consumption (rooftop photovoltaic facilities), approximately 210 megawatts for electricity generation from biogas, biomass and waste, and 800 megawatts of electricity from wind power..

The decision includes an allocation of at least 210 megawatts for the production of electricity from biogas and biomass, which will further promote the recycling and separation of waste at source revolution and provide a significant economic incentive to local authorities and the private sector for utilizing household waste for the production of clean energy.

Source: Israel Ministry of Environmental Protection

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