Sunday, January 31, 2016

Israel Legislature Unanimously Votes to Reform Nation’s Animal Welfare Law

Israel's legislature, the Knesset, has given unanimous approval to legislation that toughens enforcement policies against animal abusers, as well as other charges.

The bill is an amendment to Israel's Animal Welfare Law. It increases the maximum prison sentence from three years to four years and increases the fine to NIS 226,000 (approximately $57,000). In addition, it places a ban on killing animals in non-euthanasia circumstances, prohibits cruel practices such as animal tattooing, and ensures that senior executives at slaughterhouses are held accountable for any abuses in their factories.

“We are taking a big and significant step in expanding the protection of animals today,” says MK Itzik Shmuli of the Zionist Union party. The legislature has been praised as “an effective way to deal with animal welfare offenses.”

This bill also expands an existing ban on live tissue cutting for cosmetic purposes. It also allows authorities to confiscate animals they believe are at risk for abuse.

“We will not stop here, and we are determined, alongside stricter penalties, to increase enforcement operations and expand educational activities for youths,” Shmuli said. “Our next goal is to promote the responsibility of managers in corporations for abuse cases that occur in their factories and slaughterhouses.”

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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Largest Animal Rights Protest In The Middle East Saw 15,000 Animal Lovers

Animal rights demonstration in Tel AvivDespite the upheaval and ubiquitous repression engulfing much of the Middle East, Israel is a rare exception and animals are near and dear to Israelis' hearts. Year 2015 came to a close with 15,000 animal rights activists flooding the streets of Tel Aviv.

The largest of its kind in Israel, this protest has shown the world that people in the Middle East care about the lives and well being of animals. The tremendous turnout put similar protests in the US, Canada, and the EU to shame.

With 7% of the population vegan and many more vegetarian, Israelis lead the world in vegan restaurants per capita. While the protest itself broke records in Israel, protesting in the name of animals is not new in Israel and is in fact, a common cause among Israelis.

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