Friday, August 14, 2015

Hanging Garden Over Israel’s Busiest Highway

Ayalon Highway today
Tel Aviv’s urban planning committee approved a complex master plan that will cover the Ayalon Highway – which dissects the metropolis from north to south – into a beautiful “green lung” covered with lawns, trees, shrubbery and walking trails, in what the city dubs “Israel’s largest municipal project.”

The multi-year project, which may take another year before it is fully approved, will overhaul Tel Aviv’s central business district, connecting its eastern side to its center.  It is an environmentally friendly project because it will be built on top of existing infrastructure and maximize the use of existing land.

Being an environmental and architectural milestone for Tel Aviv, this project will likely grab international attention because it will be built over the Middle East’s busiest infrastructure strip, which includes roads, railroads, train stations, sewage, electricity and communication lines.

The Ayalon Highway is the most congested highway in the country and one of the busiest in the Middle East, with 750,000 crossing every day.

Source: NoCamels