Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Israeli Innovation Hopes To Change the World By Changing the Wind

Wind turbines
In Israel, a solar panel on every roof is the norm. One Israeli inventor hopes to change the world by adding a bit of wind.

Dr. Daniel Farb, CEO of Leviathan Energy Renewables, LTD, is an expert in renewable power wind technology. His company invented "Wind Energizers," which are deflectors installed near wind turbines that increase wind speed and wind uniformity on the turbines. This is especially useful in places like Israel and parts of the US, where wind speed is low.

“I want to make renewable energy efficient enough so that it can go everywhere and really make a major difference in the environment,” he said.

Farb came up with the idea while observing a wave pool in Israel. Shortly thereafter, the former surgeon became a renewable energy entrepreneur. His company, Leviathan, has acquired 30 patents since its launch in 2008.

Leviathan's devices, which improve efficiency by 30%, go far beyond traditional turbine technology, which improve efficiency by only 1-2%.

The market for wind power is not quite as popular in Israel as it is in the US, so Dr. Farb is bringing his technology to the US. Crowdfunding on Kickstarter was recently kicked off to bring Leviathan to the American market.

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