Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Israeli Twin Teens Invent Algorithm To Prevent Forest Fires

Fire started by Gaza eco-terrorSeventeen-year-old twins Gilad and Neta Drori developed a special algorithm to identify wildfires at an early stage before they spread, preventing damage and saving lives.

This invention could not have had better timing. The latest tactic in Hamas-led warfare against Israel is eco-terrorism by kites flown across the security fence from Gaza. Westerly winds send the helium balloons with attached ignited firebombs (rags soaked in kerosene and set aflame) flying towards the Israeli communities. Once the heat from the IEDs (improvised explosive devices) causes the balloon to explode, the flaming firebomb is dropped into whatever field it has reached, setting the dry ground ablaze. So far, the damage has reached tens of thousands of dollars. All of the fires were extinguished by firefighters who raced to the scene.

Source: Jewish Press