Monday, July 9, 2018

Israel Will Stop Livestock Imports for Slaughter Purposes

In about 3 years Israel will forbid entirely any import of livestock for slaughter purposes, according to a new bill proposal approved on Sunday, July 9, by Israeli Ministerial Committee on Legislation.

In the coming years, the export will reduce until it stops completely. The bill has the full support of the Knesset (parliament) members. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also gave his support.

"We approved a law proposal to stop livestock deliveries to Israel. It is necessary to make a real change to this great sorrow caused to the animals", posted Netanyahu on his Facebook account.

His wife Sara Netanyahu also greeted the new bill proposal, saying "I welcome the approval of the moral bill proposal to stop animal shipments to Israel. No living creature deserves to endure such terrible suffering, and we as a society must not accept the current situation."

Around 86% of the Israeli public supports this new law proposal according to the poll results.

In recent years, animal rights organizations have released several videos filmed undercover and showing the unbearable suffering of the calves and lambs during weeks of shipment to the Middle East.

It is estimated that around 15% of Israel's population is vegan or vegetarian, who choose not to eat animal products for moral reasons.