Sunday, June 26, 2011

32 Illegal Charcoal Plants Closed Down

Charcoal PreparationIn a first-of-its-kind enforcement operation, the Civil Administration inspectors closed down no fewer than 32 illegal charcoal facilities in northern Shomron-Wadi Ara.

Much of the charcoal sold in Israel is produced primitively and illegally by Arabs in the above region, causing tremendous air pollution.

The Arab backyard charcoal-making industry features a process that begins with large piles of straw and wood covered by dirt. The straw inside is set afire, then kept on “simmer” by alternating between smothering it and allowing it to burn. After some three weeks, throughout which smoke is emitted into the atmosphere, the pile becomes charcoal, which is then packaged and sold throughout Israel.

Findings last August and October showed that poisonous and cancerous substances were present in the air in the Dotan-Shomron areas in unacceptable levels.

Source: Israel National News

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