Sunday, April 23, 2017

Tel Aviv: Trash to Treasure

Just a short drive from Tel Aviv, Israel’s newest waste collection plant has begun operation.  It is the largest and most advanced refuse-derived fuel (RDF) producing plant in the world.

The terminal handles about 1,500 tons of trash a day, or approximately half the trash produced by 1.5 million residents of Tel Aviv and its suburbs.

Recyclables like paper and metals are separated out and the rest is mostly turned into small bits of dry, high energy RDF that is sent to Israel's main cement factory, where it is burned instead of a less environment-friendly fossil fuel, petroleum coke.

The $110 million waste-to-fuel terminal was built by a consortium that includes Israel's largest cement maker Nesher owned by Clal Industries, as well as Veridis Environment and the region's recycling authority.

More RDF-producing facilities are planned in the region as a step toward sustainability and environmental protection.

Source: Reuters

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