Thursday, September 8, 2016

Israeli Hi-tech Super Algae Can Power a Green Energy Revolution

It sounds like a scene out of a science fiction movie, but Israeli scientists have figured out how to turn simple pond scum into a green energy powerhouse.

With hydrogen fuel cells already being introduced into vehicles, algae could soon become a key player in the push for green energy sources.

The pervasive original theory, that micro-algae could only produce hydrogen for a few minutes at dawn, has been disproven at Tel Aviv University, where genetically engineered single cell micro-algae have been found to emit hydrogen throughout the day. These genetically engineered algae became a workhorse, increasing their efficiency to five times their natural ability.

This Israeli discovery allows farmed algae to be grown on a large enough scale to become a major component of green energies.

As an energy source, hydrogen offers tremendous advantages. It has an enormous energy content, allowing hydrogen powered cars to travel farther. It also does not pollute in any way, making it a more viable environmental option. In fact, hydrogen creates water vapor that is clean enough to produce drinkable water. Hydrogen motors are already being used, making this technology a benefit of today, as opposed to at some point in the future.

The benefits of micro-algae were already known as early as 1942. Israeli genetic engineering has made the algae more efficient in producing hydrogen, increasing their energy potential.

This discovery just may change the future of humanity. Read more about it here.

Off to enjoy a bit of fresh, ocean air, till next time!


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