Friday, December 18, 2015

Turning Waste Into Value

Green leaves
Israeli company, HomeBiogas, presented its own technological solutions at the recent Paris climate change conference and is getting ready to expand into the markets of developing countries. The company’s innovation consists of a home system that converts kitchen waste and animal manure into cooking gas and liquid fertilizer.

HomeBiogas is the only company offering a system certified in the European community to meet the required safety standards.

For many reasons, composters are not truly suitable for kitchen leftovers like meat, fish, oil and fats. HomeBiogas is complementary to the composter since it digests the remains that the composter cannot process.

Every liter of food waste produces about 200 liters  of gas, the amount needed to cooking over a high flame for one hour. On average, HomeBiogas produces 2-3 hours of cooking gas each day - the perfect amount for three meals.

HomeBiogas can provide between 5-10 liters of top quality natural fertilizer each day.

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