Friday, February 27, 2015

Stopping The Elephant Slaughter

It's the classic good guys vs. bad guys -- on the one side are the poachers, animal kidnappers, and earth destroyers. And on the other side are the park rangers who risk their lives to protect Africa's animals and natural resources.

Hoping to give the good guys the advantage is an Israeli called Nir Kalron. Owner of Maisha Consulting, Kalron is an expert on anti-poaching and anti-trafficking intelligence and investigations. Kalron spends his time installing security cameras and training rangers to more effectively combat criminal activity.

Maisha's team uses intelligence and krav maga hand to hand combat to arrest suspects and stop vehicles.

Different threats in different countries require training modification for specific techniques.

At least 35,000 African elephants are poached yearly. In addition, rhinos are killed for their horns, while tigers, leopards, and pangolins are poached for their skins. Exotic birds and apes are trapped and smuggled for buyers. Destruction of habitat is crucial for poachers to be able to successfully hunt animals.

While Maisha is the only private Israeli company devoted to environmental security, Israelis have been involved in anti-poaching initiatives.

To learn more, read about it here.

Off to watch a National Geographic program on elephants, till next time!


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