Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Green Dome: Trees to Protect Southern Israel from Rockets

IDF soldier plants a tree
Israel is employing an environmentally-friendly security tactic against terrorists in the Gaza Strip: tree-planting.  According to a report by Israel HaYom, dozens of workers are busy planting tall, dense trees alongside a new section of train tracks near the Gaza strip.

Hamas video footage uncovered in Gaza by the IDF revealed that detailed Palestinian surveillance of an Israeli passenger train was shot from a mere few hundred yards away. Security officials assessed the new Ashkelon - Beer Sheba train line and determined that several areas of the track were exposed to Gaza rocket fire.

After consulting with experts, Israel Railways and the country’s Defense Ministry decided to plant several hundred trees, a tactic that will conceal the tracks from prying eyes, all without harming the environment.  This method is expected to be implemented elsewhere along the Gaza periphery as well.

The tree chosen for the task is the eucalyptus, which according to experts will provide the necessary cover: they are tall enough to shield residential areas and are quick to grow, supplying the needed protection in a short period of time. These trees will further contribute to growing the bee honey industry in the vicinity.

Source: Breaking Israel News

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