Sunday, November 23, 2014

Israel, The Promised Land for Vegans

Israel - Go Vegan!
Israelis are embracing veganism, to the point where even the army now has options for vegan soldiers.

As per Omri Paz, organizer of the Vegan Fest fair, 4% of Israelis define themselves as vegan, the most out of any country in the world.

Tel Aviv's Vegan Fest attracted 15,000 people in a day. The most popular stand was American company Domino's, which launched its vegan pizza in Israel, reportedly selling 300,000 of them so far.

Furthermore, Israel's Big Brother show recently became a platform to spread veganism when vegan activist Tal Gilboa took part and won.

Even Israel's army now offers leather-free boots and an allowance to buy vegan food outside of mess halls.

Meanwhile, Facebook is filled with Israeli vegan pages.

Kosher dietary laws, which prohibit mixing meat and dairy, make Israelis predisposed to a vegan diet.

Read more about it here.

Off to enjoy a vegan meal on this lovely evening, till next time!


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