Monday, October 27, 2014

Israel, Finland And U.S. Are Top Countries For Clean Technology

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Israel was recently listed by a cleantech index as having the world's most vibrant clean-technology industry, ripe for producing viable startups to commercialize sustainable innovation over the next decade.

Produced by Cleantech Group and World Wildlife Fund, the index ranked forty nations based on both the development of clean technology and the creation of market demand for that technology.

A powerful combination of government funding and venture capital support secured Israel the top spot for its high impact cleantech startups. Despite cleantech revenues being low in Israel, supportive government policies for the technology have increased.

Per the report, Israel scored so high due to its culture of innovation. Israel is able to compensate for its small domestic market, sensitive geopolitical setting and water constraint by drawing the attention of both local and foreign investors to bet on its pool of high-tech entrepreneurs," the report stated.

Relative to the size of its economy, Israel has a large number of cleantech companies, some of which treat industrial wastewater, while others develop non-GMO breeding technologies.

As finite resources diminish, the world will increasingly depend on high-tech industries to share and reuse these resources globally.

Read more about it here.

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