Sunday, March 3, 2013

Wild Animals To Cross Safely on Ecological Road

Wild animals in Israel will soon have their own corridor to safely cross one of Israel's busiest roadways.

Israel's plan to upgrade the thoroughfare between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv comes with a package deal for animals--a safe crossing built by workers as an ecological corridor, making Israel's Route 1 one of the greenest highways in the country. The upgrade to Route 1 will improve traffic for humans while allowing safe passage for animals. Many consultants, landscapers, environmentalists, and architects participated in this project.

All in all, the corridor is expected to be 70 meters wide, allowing for herds of animals to cross without difficulty.

Read more about it here.  A win/win for Israelis AND animals!

Am a bit inspired, so off to go feed some seagulls at the beach, till next time! J

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