Wednesday, July 4, 2012

UN Cites Israeli Wastewater Treatment Plant as Global Model

Out of just 30 from around the world chosen by the United Nations , the Dan Region Waste water treatment plant was selected to demonstrate the ability of local authorities to deal with environmental challenges.

The plant's unique method of treating sewage using natural filtration with sand earned it a spot on the coveted list. After routine purification in an ordinary facility, it then undergoes natural, underground filtration through sand, improving the quality of the water so that it can be used for irrigation.

Due to the higher concentration of people and pollution in urban areas, the UN has determined that it is important for local authorities to get organized and deal with local environmental issues without any dependance on federal funding.

Mekorot, Israel's national water company has recently begun to develop even more advanced methods of purifying sewage before it goes underground to be filtered through sand.

Read more about it here.

Looking forward to a day in the sand by the ocean tomorrow, till next time!


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