Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bike your way through Tel Aviv!

Bike Parking Sign
Just 14 years ago, there were no bike paths in Tel Aviv, it was a metropolis for drivers only. Now, Tel Aviv is covered in bike paths with plans to build more to accommodate the surge in riders.

The city of Tel Aviv will be spending NIS 150 million in the next five years to accommodate the rise in bike riders, which upon completion is expected to create a total of approximately 150 kilometers of bike paths and trails in Tel Aviv as more and more residents are switching from cars to bicycles.

Tel Aviv's narrow roadways make it difficult for cars and bikes to share the road so one of the aims of the new bike path expansion is to create bike paths on street level that are separated from vehicle traffic.

Read more about it here.

Off to an early night so I can enjoy a bike ride in the morning, till next time!

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