Sunday, October 23, 2011

Never thought I would say WOW about anything related to poop

Created by Ramat Gan-based Paulee CleanTec company, AshPoopie earned patents in Europe and the United States. It is coming to US pet shops in 2012. The cost of AshPoopie hasn't yet been determined, but it is expected to be relatively inexpensive. A monthly supply of capsules will cost $10 to $20, depending on the size of the dog.

Paulee CleanTec is already looking to the future of the invention, planning to apply it to cat litter boxes and human waste treatment systems.

The cat problem is even bigger than the dog problem because a litter box smells up the home if it is not cleaned every day. The ashes produced by AshPoopie would not need to be collected more than once a month, and they could be used to fertilize the garden.

The same technology has potential for transforming the unpleasant world of portable chemical johns and airplane, boat and train toilets into an odor-free and environmentally beneficial system. This system would separate feces from urine, sterilize the urine and use it to clean the toilet, and sterilize the feces and turn it into ash.

The flushing process would require no electrical source because the process of turning the waste into ash generates enough heat to convert it into energy to flush the toilet and perhaps provide lighting as well. The inventor envisions a backup energy source, such as a solar panel, to be installed on the system.

Paulee CleanTec is expecting to introduce its final AshPoopie design at the major pet products show in Orlando, Florida, at the end of February.

Source: Israel21c

I only wish they would come up with a better name!

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