Monday, August 22, 2011

Israeli-Swedish project: Turn paper waste into foam

Israeli researchers at Hebrew University have discovered a way to turn by-products from the paper industry that have previously been discarded as waste into non-synthetic foam that can replace traditionally used PVC foam (synthetic foam made using oil).

The Melodea Company, a Swedish-Israeli company, licensed the products from Hebrew University and is now seeking to bring the foam to the market.

Foams have many uses, ranging from seat cushions and the car industry to integral parts of aviation, and air and space technology. The team’s goal was to move away from plastics and other raw materials that require oil production and to mimic these large structures for industrial use.

The researchers have developed technology to convert these washed away waste fibers into the small cellulose fibers. From there, the new technology converts the fibers into the non-synthetic foam.
The foams have tremendous market possibilities and most importantly, will turn waste into something usable, replacing similar products made from non-renewable resources.

Read all about it here.

Off to enjoy the foam of a bubble bath, till next time!

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