Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Israelis Against Fur

Say NO to furRecent public opinion poll commissioned by the International Anti - Fur Coalition and Let Animals Live has shown that vast majority of Israelis oppose fur industry.

Killing animals for their fur is immoral
Agree - 86%
Disagree - 8%
No opinion - 6%

Fur industry in Israel should be prohibited
Agree - 79%
Disagree - 12%
No opinion - 9%

The survey, conducted by the Maagar Mohot polling company, questioned 542 Israeli adults and had a margin of error of 4.5%.

Among Israel's general Jewish population, 92% believe killing of animals for fur is immoral; 85% of new immigrants are also against the fur industry, as are 64% of Arab-Israelis and 61% of Israel's ultra-Orthodox Jews.

The ultra-Orthodox Jews want to preserve the round fur hats known as "shtreimels", which are made from rabbit, sable, stone marten, baum marten and American gray fox.

Source: YNetNews

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